Imagine Waking Up Every Day Rejuvenated Doing What You Love With Purpose and Passion, Without Giving Anything Up...

Everyone, even you, has something that clients will eagerly pay for with their hard earned cash, without exception. And people all over the world are discovering how to cash in on hidden talents, and monetize their passions in the age of the internet… 

If you’re a lot like other people, you’re probably struggling to figure out exactly how to offer something of greater value to the world while living the exact lifestyle you want. 

But let me assure you that YOU are just as good as any thought leader, top entrepreneur or celebrity, and I know that whatever it is that you can offer to the world, You’re as capable as them to achieve “A-List” status for a GOOD purpose, and skyrocket your income AND your impact. 

Now, regardless of what you do, you’ve likely attained a moderate level of success in your job or with your current handful of clients, but if you want to…

  • Kiss your corporate 9-5 job good-bye and become your own boss – FOREVER 
  • Clarify your messaging in a way that aligns with everything you sell into one signature system – your book, online course, speaking topics, workshops, live events, and TED talks – so you never have to reinvent “the wheel” again 
  • Know exactly what to say, how to dress, and how to get exposure in the media & publicity, not only because of what you do, but also because of who you are 
  • Know how to get paid 5-figure speaking fees, get 6-figure book deals, and parlay that into million dollar advances for the next book and New York Times Bestselling author titles 
  • Run your business on autopilot using the best online tools with the most qualified team to run it for you, so that you never have to worry about money again 
  • Finally let go of that old identity ingrained in you from your family, school, and job that doesn’t serve you anymore and step into the spotlight just for being you...

Then you’ll need a systematic, PROVEN approach that helps you reach your dreams and make money doing what you LOVE. 

This is where the Purposely Famous Academy comes in.

What is The Purposely Famous Academy?

As a celebrity talent scout and top producer, and having worked with some of the world’s most successful people, I know what it takes to achieve these high levels of success. I have seen first hand all the strategies, techniques and insights that the most successful people in the world use to achieve their A-List status. 

I’ve created the Purposely Famous Academy to help ordinary people like YOU who have a purposeful message, service, or product, strategically build and run a successful business and brand so that whatever you have to offer to the world gets the space, income, and impact it deserves. 

Once you master the Purposely Famous System, you’ll stop avoiding amazing opportunities because you have a FRAMEWORK that keeps you organized, confident, and operating at 100% of your potential (instead of 80%…you know who you are!)

What do I learn in the Purposely Famous Academy?

In the Purposely Famous Academy, you will learn how to use a proven system to do a deep dive into who you are, your passions, purpose and skills and package them into one signature brand that puts you on the map. 

You will learn how to use this signature brand as the basis to align all your revenue streams with your purpose as you become known as THE go to person for whatever you want to be known for (you need to pick this or else the wrong people will pick it for you!) 

After building a strong foundation for your business, you’ll learn how to use a methodical system to strategically grow a Tribe of clients and supporters, and learn how to use the same system that Fortune 500 companies use to create practically 80% of the content you need for your marketing, messaging, and content. 

The Purposely Famous system will let you do the RIGHT research BEFORE you invest in copywriters, sales funnels, Facebook ad campaigns, email newsletters, and any other promotional materials, so that you DON’T lose tons of money not knowing what words to put in these mediums (FYI - They will NOT be effective if you don’t have the right words that resonate with your audience first).

How is The Purposely Famous Academy different from other online business courses?

The Purposely Famous Academy is unlike ANY other online course because it entails the WHOLE process of building your dream business. This is not just about branding or marketing... the Purposely Famous system covers ALL the aspects, from self-reflection to sales, networking, automation, tribe building and more… 

Then, we’ll help you create a customized, simple step-by-step path that accelerates your success based uniquely on who you are, your big life mission, and goals. 

Also, the Purposely Famous Academy course platform is continuously being updated and evolving, ensuring that it offers the best trendsetting strategies and techniques that provide its community members with a developing and ever-growing source of knowledge. 

As a member you will also reap the benefits of learning from an interdisciplinary group of experts and fellow community members, who share their own specific skills and knowledge with the Purposely Famous community by offering Master Classes and specialized training sessions.

Can you give me an idea of what the Purposely Famous Academy offers?

Going from Unknown to A-LIST for a Good Purpose and building the business of your dreams obviously doesn’t happen overnight. It takes an intricate process comprised of many moving pieces and steps… 

But luckily the Purposely Famous Path gives you the exact roadmap and tools that you need. 

To give you an idea of what you’ll get when you enroll in the Academy, here’s a breakdown of some of the steps and topics covered in the Purposely Famous Academy…

Thought Leadership Incubator

The Thought leadership Incubator forms the foundation of the Purposely Famous system and is the first step on the path to become Purposely Famous. It is designed to help you create a solid business plan based on your purpose and contribution to the world. 

Everything in the incubator is strategically selected and designed to help you dig deep beneath the surface to find the uniqueness in you that will make the biggest impact in the world if shared publicly. 

This is a one-of-a-kind process showing you how to use your identity as the foundation of your business. This is the purest way to stay confident, aligned, and no one can take away your identity! You’ll learn...

  • Top 3 ways to become an a-list expert right now, no matter what your background is 
  • How to create your professional and lifestyle legacies 
  • How to stop self-sabotage & continually upgrade your quality of life with ease 
  • How to avoid pitfalls that prevent most people from reaching their highest levels of success 
  • How to merge your professional, philanthropic, and lifestyle interests into one cohesive business & life without giving anything up

Your Movement for the Masses 

You’ll learn the industry’s untold secret to creating a one-of-a-kind personal A-LIST brand that makes YOUR thought leadership stand out above the rest. Here we hone in on your vision of what your unique contribution to the world is and who you serve, and how to share that mission with a global audience. 

To aid in this crucial step, we will review examples of world-renowned millionaire and billionaire thought leaders and the breakdown of their trajectories to success. You’ll learn…

  • The proven process to find that #1 “big idea” that’ll put you on the map and make you a household name 
  • How to use your identity & essence as the foundation of your business and as a guiding light to stay on track with your biggest goals & dream 
  • Get clarity on your life mission & learn how to use it to grow your following 10 times faster 
  • You have many different tribes…so let’s hone in on your best ones to focus on first, based off the same system fortune 500 companies use to build billion dollar brands 
  • How to choose one signature thought leadership title, public persona, and theme for your products & services, books, & speaking topics that keep you aligned with your essence all the time

Strategically Connect with Your Tribe:

You’ll learn how to find the right people that connect with you AND your business, who will be your loyal supporters, will spread the word because they love what you do and will LOVE paying you too. You’ll learn....

  • How to identify your ideal tribe 
  • How to maximize your revenue by following the The Thought Leader’s Income Ladder 
  • How to categorize your projects and focus on the right one at the right time 
  • How to create your signature system and short term financial goal 
  • Learn a proven system to create 80% of your content with ease…from your website copy to social media posts, blog posts, podcast topics, or whatever favorite medium by using the “Beyond Their Words Research Formula” 
  • Learn insider case studies about popular thought leaders & movements that’ll help you minimize mistakes in your own business and maximize your success

Create Your Thought Leadership Brand

You’ll learn how to connect your business with your BIG idea and story and create a unique brand based on your Thought Leadership that sets you apart from the rest. If you create a brand that feels purposefully connected to who you are, you’ll always be able to pitch your business without selling your soul. Learn…

  • How to find out what you want to be known for 
  • How to establish your Thought Leadership brand 
  • How to design your brand architecture connected to your BIG idea 
  • How to pitch your purpose without selling your soul 
  • How to build your Thought Leadership Homepage

Build Your Authority

You’ll learn that authority does not just magically exist, it is created. If you want people to buy from you, listen to your message or build a strong brand, they need to look at YOU as an authority figure. So you need to find out exactly what makes people trust you, your service or your product and what makes you THE go to person. Learn…

  • How to systematically connect with your ideal tribe by using the same system that Fortune 500 companies use to build millions of loyal customers 
  • How to borrow credentials from other people to build your own authority 
  • How to nurture your most loyal clients by leveraging your authenticity 
  • How to use hands-on strategies to build relationships and get visibility

Sales, Online Automation, & Passive Income

Tired of feeling undervalued, misunderstood, or underpaid? You’ll learn how to master the art of charging high prices for your products or services as other global thought leaders do so you can stand firm in your true value and get paid too. 

You’ll learn all of my secrets from being a celebrity talent scout that helped me articulate my value and negotiate USD 6 to 7-figure deals and close deals with the toughest business people in the world. And don’t miss out on the best practices in sales funnels that create passive income so you finally have the free time and financial freedom to be a true thought leader without limitations. Learn…

  • How to build your dream team (for free!) 
  • How to have successful sales conversations and set your high-end sales goals 
  • Step-to-step process of how to create an online course. 
  • Why you should charge high prices & how to do it without guilt 
  • Learn the secrets to master the money & sales mindset 
  • Crucial tactics to master charging high prices for your services 
  • How to create sales pages and proposals 
  • How to create a sales funnel

Expand Your Network

You’ll learn how to become a superstar networker. To run a successful business, you have to know how to leverage and expand your network effectively. There is an art to building and growing relationships with people and influencers, and mastering this art will help you accelerate your business and make sure you have the best possible reputation personally AND professionally. Learn...  

  • How to leverage your personal network to find tons of overlooked new clients 
  • Discover how to build a strong foundation for networking so that you feel confident contacting anyone you want with ease 
  • How to connect with the influencers and your biggest role models

Exposure & Influence

You’ll learn A-LIST strategies on how to get mainstream media exposure via radio, TV, other A-LIST mediums and the secrets behind building a large following that leads to sponsorships, investment deals, and a wider scope of influence to reach millions with your message. Learn…

  • How to be seen as an authority to people who are more influential than you (as the success of your business depends on it!) 
  • How to build your influence through TED talks, books, and public speaking 
  • How to master the art of landing A-List opportunities 
  • How to master the media and publicity game


Depending on what Purposely Famous Academy package you choose, enrolling in the complete Purposely Famous Academy with the Monthly Mastermind offers some exclusive extras, like...  

Access to a private online Purposely Famous Community platform:

Here you can connect with Karin and fellow PFA members directly, build new relationships, get direct feedback on your business and your journey and share your wins with Karin and a selected group of PFA topstars!

Private or Group coaching Calls with Karin

Karin has an exclusive online meeting room where she works directly with her clients. She offers Q&A calls per month where you can get direct feedback from her on your progress and helps with everything related to you, your business, and the PFA course. Karin also offers some specialized Calls where she’ll give extra attention to specific topics, strategies, and techniques. 

*For our Diamond members, Karin offers private coaching calls where she will focus ALL her attention on helping you and your business alone. These personalized Calls will fast track your progress and take you to the next level a lot faster. If you are interested in skyrocketing your success during a 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Karin, let us know.

Purposely Famous Ambassador Calls

Our PF Ambassadors Calls consist of monthly Master Classes given by exclusive experts that increase your confidence, business acumen, and give you an edge above the rest! These Calls cover a range of topics, from learning how to meditate effectively, to learning how to become a high end-sales call superstar…

Healing sessions  

The Purposely Famous Academy offers optional but recommended healing sessions. These will help you cut through the self-sabotage & continually upgrade your quality of life with ease. During these sessions you’ll learn how to avoid pitfalls that prevent most people from reaching their highest levels of success and you’ll learn some incredible techniques that will help you stand in the eye of the storm with calm confidence and precise clarity at all times.

Access to dozens of hours of Purposely Famous Call recordings

All our Purposely Famous Academy Calls are recorded and saved in our online course platform. This means that we have an ever-growing and well-organized archive of Q&A Calls, Specialized Calls and Master Classes that you have access to whenever you need it. Together with our Purposely Famous community members, Ambassadors and coaches we have built a wealth of knowledge and information for you to browse through and learn from!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What kind of work have you done exactly with celebrities and public figures?

I’ve worked behind the scenes as a producer, talent agent, booking agent, celebrity scout, promoter and any other role as needed that would help get the job done right. My work was either alone or with a stellar A-LIST team of managers, publicists, production crews, Fortune 500 executives in which we worked our rear ends off(!) to get the talent to the big stage or the branding, marketing, and publicity campaigns. 

Many people on these A-LIST teams and celebrities themselves have become authentic friends, others business partners, and some would not remember who I am because I was the “behind-the-scenes” girl working with their manager, agents, publicists, and crew making sure everything is executed properly. 

My network includes industry mavens who have helped no name authors become New York Times Best Sellers, to producing and marketing major world events such as the Olympics, Fifa World Cup, Rolling Stones to Beyonce concerts, to TED events and media experts connected to the New York Times, to the Ellen Show, or other primetime media outlets.

  • What exactly do I get in your program and how will I receive the information? How much time per week do I need to spend doing this to get results?

I share DIY (Do-It-Yourself) strategies, templates, scripts, and resources that help you reach your dreams with less run-around and more capacity to save money on overhead costs and keep full control over your business. The information is delivered in a self-study format, group mastermind calls, or privately with Karin 1-on-1 depending on which Level you select. During the mastermind calls, you’ll have a designated dial in number or log in code to join online and Karin will answer your questions and give advice about how to maximize your progress. If you miss a live call, you will receive a downloadable recording so you can listen to it on your own afterwards and still receive value from it. You’ll receive our core course content on all the topics mentioned above and additional resources that provide more guidance if you feel stuck or need more background information.

  • What celebrities have you helped develop their careers or entities have you’ve worked with over the years that show your expertise?

I am under strict confidentiality contracts with most of the public figures and high-end clients I’ve worked with, but I do share case studies about them that will help you advance faster yet protect their identities and privacy. Nevertheless, here are a few examples: CAA, William Morris Endeavor, The Agency Group, and numerous other top Hollywood entities who represent the world’s A-LIST actors, musicians, authors, and more. 

I’ve produced and promoted live concerts with artists such as Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Pitbull, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, David Guetta, Tiesto, and many, many more. 

For public figures, please note the categories: Grammar Award winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, highly paid TED talk speakers, New York Times Best Selling authors, renowned philanthropists, the world’s top-ranked electronic music DJs, Cirque Du Soleil performers. I legally cannot mention specific names. 

I interned at the United Nations in college and have since partnered with various global philanthropic entities over the years. I’ve booked philanthropists and educators at speaking events who received more than $150,000 usd for one 40-minute speech. 

I worked at AM ONLY (now called Paradigm), representing North America’s biggest electronic roster organizing David Guetta and Tiesto’s tours, and at the Lavin Agency Speaker’s bureau, but wasn't happy in these types of environments. I respect both of these companies but found out the hard way that I prefer running my own company and have way more success, income, and freedom this way. But I learned firsthand the insider systems that make people famous…they work. 

I've mastered the art of negotiating and closing high-end deals, such as brokering $400,00 dollar deals in only a 5 emails and getting paid up to $15,000 USD for one hour consulting calls.

  • I see testimonials talking great things about you and your skills but not many saying they got the financial potential or the media exposure you advertise that you can help them get. Why is that? And how many clients have completed your programs and gone on to make 6-figure incomes and beyond?

Most high-end celebrities and clients prefer to remain confidential which means they will not post testimonials talking about how much money they made. Sharing your own personal financial gain publicly is not the point of being a Thought Leader. But to clarify, the range of earnings from the public figures I’ve worked with: $5,000 to $500,000 per 40-minute speech, $10,000 to $1 million or more for the average 2-hour live performance, or media and publicity opportunities with a reach of multi-millions of people in a few minutes. 

I’ve officially worked with celebrities for 15 years and as a Thought Leadership Strategist for non-celebrities and private clients for the last five years. Results vary, nevertheless, here are a few from the past: 

I’ve made $20,000 USD from one prospect in less than an hour with one of my signature templates and clients have made more than $80,000 in less than 8 weeks with the same. 

Rebranded companies in a way that puts them on equal footing with forward-thinking brands such as Apple, Zappos, and Airbnb.

Doubled the income of a high level clients based on one controversial big idea that had the press going wild. He is now being called onto shows such as Today Show and Good Morning America, and a documentary is in the works. 

Assisted with raising $5 million USD of funding in investments and sponsorships for one festival and raised millions more for numerous other projects. 

Connected entrepreneurs with investors that have invested millions of dollars in their projects.

  • What’s the difference with what you do now as a thought leadership Strategist and your work before as a producer, talent agent, and celebrity scout?

My focus now is helping people from any background or social status make money doing what they love and have the time, money, influence, and motivation to give back to society. I am your DIY (Do-It-Yourself) guide to help you create a roadmap to reach your goals. Nevertheless, you have to do the work, be patient, and invest in yourself as I'm only a catalyst in your journey and the results you get or do not get, are your responsibility and not ours. Over the years, I’ve also worked with a lot of “grumpy thought leaders” aka people who get famous too fast. When you’re in the big matrix of celebrityhood, this is common. So I’ve made it a personal agenda to run my business with integrity and help others keep the same high standard.

  • Can I speak to one of your successful clients and not-so successful ones? I'd like to hear their experience and know if their lack of success was because of themselves or due to the failure of your program to help them.

You are welcome to read the testimonials and other people have chosen to protect their privacy and I agree to honor their wishes. Nevertheless, everyone is successful in their own right as success comes in many different forms to everyone I work with. Some have surpassed their financial goals, others improved their reputation or got a job promotion, or overcome deep seated fears such as public speaking or writing. 

The Purposely Famous System maximizes your chances of reaching success, but each person’s level is unique to their level of competence and situation. Comparing yourself with what others have or have not gained will not help you.  

I work with clients and companies at different capacities so speaking to someone who had different goals than yours will give you skewed results. My ability to help you become a successful Thought Leader depends more on how much you dedicate yourself to get the results you want and cannot compare to anyone else's results.

  • How much do you charge for your services and what is this kind of education worth? Your prices might be out of my budget and more than what I can afford right now.

I have a wide range of price points that accommodate all income levels. Notwithstanding this, I make it a point to over deliver as much as possible and make sure the value you receive is worth more than the price itself. 

And compared to an investment to get an MBA or college degree (I just paid over $100,000 myself and haven't made any money from it at all!), my systems can get you the same level of results in much less time and with less money. And you’ll keep these skills for life. I realize sometimes people tend to see any price as dishonest selling. But working with me is an OPPORTUNITY to take charge of YOUR value so you can get paid your worth; and investing in yourself to learn these techniques is money well spent versus spending on material items that can never make you completely fulfilled. I love “things” as much as the next person, but investing in mentorship from experts in areas that you are not versed in is essential and one of the fastest ways to reap more rewards and profit in the long run.

  • How much time do I need to spend per week on the course materials to benefit from it?

Like anything, you'll get better results the more time you dedicate towards something, and it's the same case here. Nevertheless, I suggest spending at least a few hours a week on the core materials at a minimum. The access to our online course platform means that you'll get to learn at your own pace.

  • Why don’t you, Karin Roest, have a big social media following or a big presence online? How can you advocate to help people make a bigger impact when you haven’t publicly made one yourself?

I’ve always been the behind-the-scenes-girl, doing what I love, making a generous enough income to travel the world, spend what I want and where I want. Only recently have I chosen to launch what I do publicly because I have a dream to help as many people possible so we all have more influence to help the people in the world who cannot help themselves…because I can't do that alone. 

I share the techniques I’ve used with clients so they get similar results which do not require a big online presence in the beginning by choice (thank goodness, right?). And social media is only one strategy of many that can help you make a big impact. You’ll learn more about the ins and outs of this if you work with me.

  • Will you introduce me to your A-LIST network if I hire you?

This is a primarily a Do-It-Yourself program so that you can become fully self-sufficient on your own and keep most of your profits in the long run. 

For clients in the past who follow the system and embrace the “whole package” of what it takes to go big, I’ve introduced them to my network so that they or we can collaborate on bigger sponsorship and investment deals…and I'll do this in the future with the right people in the right timing as I see fit.

  • I still don’t know. It sounds great and all, but maybe this isn’t for me.

I hear ya. Even if you don’t know the “what” or “how” yet but are curious enough to take a leap and believe in yourself and the proven systems I'll be sharing with you, it will be worth it. Every top successful person knows the value of investing in yourself and they do this without hesitation, to upgrade their knowledge and skills to get a bigger return in the future, so I encourage you to consider this too as this is what it takes to achieve your dreams. Not everyone is accepted into the program either as I’m looking for people who really want more from life than what they have now and are willing to take action to make that happen. If you are having that many doubts about this, maybe this isn’t for you or it’s just not the right time.

The Purposely Famous Academy is ideal for you if…

  • You’re NOT 100% clear and confident on the messaging that makes you feel completely fulfilled and that makes you stand out as a thought leader, but you are still determined to reach your goals. 
  • OR, you ARE clear in your messaging and have a website, product, and some respectable income, but you’re tired of watching A-List status slip away every time you get close. 
  • You want to use your gifts, skills, and share your wisdom at their highest capacity for the benefit of all. 
  • Money and fame are not your end-alls, but you know that you can handle them and the accompanying pressure with the right support, in order to fulfill your dreams and help a greater number of people 
  • You are willing to delve into your “darker side” and vulnerabilities in order to come out better, stronger, bigger. This is an investment for an ROI that is priceless! 
  • You are ready and happy to invest in an expert who can give you an edge and make your message and business “pop.” 
  • You want the best tools, resources, and advice that saves you months and years in time, money, and stress. 
  • You’re tired of investing in an endless number of programs, coaching, and products and services that fail to get you the results they promise and want to know all of your best options so you stop guessing and make the best educated decisions for yourself instead. 
  • You know this is going to be hard work and that you’ve gotta put in the time, effort, and be responsible for your own results, but you know that it will all be worth it as you’ll gain more rewards in the future if you stay committed to your goals.

This is not a fit right now if…

  • The program is simply not affordable for you and you can’t be resourceful enough to access funding to invest in taking the most direct path to reach your dreams and goals, so you’re ok with settling for stayings stuck on the same ol’ path as before. 
  • You assume you know it all and have nothing to learn from someone else or a mentor who is an expert in other areas of expertise that you need. 
  • You are not willing to face your negativity or too sensitive to receive constructive criticism. This can be painful (I don’t bite thought!), but is soooooo worth it! 
  • You don’t like direct, straightforward and blunt feedback and get offended or defensive easily. I only give tough love in your best interest, and it’s better to hear it from me than have a failing business or lose tons of money, time, or your reputation later. 
  • You’re happy continuing along your path with no goal of standing out and above the rest. Hey, that’s OK too, we won’t hold it against you!

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