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This is about making you a priority again, owning your self-worth to become a better version of you, and sharing your inspiring story, skillset, or life experience that will help others

I took another course before to help me launch a business but never did as it wasn't in alignment with who I am. Then, a few months after working with Karin, she helped me get clarity create a business aligned with my soul and connect with people in an authentic way. So I went from having no business to a full business with clients, I have no email list and don't have a huge social media following but enrolled 15 people in my first program ever, I got 20x 1-1 clients. Now I'm starting to systemize things an bringing on my first team member and now I'm ready to take it to the next level!

-Makoshi Pitts

There is a Proven Path That Takes You From Being Unknown With No Business, No Plan, and No Influence to Strategically Attracting Wealth and A-LIST Opportunities…

You Are Valuable, Loved, and Worthy. And Capable of Creating Your Own Dreams Too


I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Karin for all your help. I seriously got so much out of working together. Specifically:

  • the confidence and reassurance that I’m capable of successfully pursuing my passion + dream 
  • much needed help on making big, daunting projects seem manageable 
  • a much better sense of my brand and where it is going 
  • a kickass game plan for the next few months 
  • awareness of what I need to be wary of limiting beliefs 
  • But most important an awesome new friend/thought partner. I’m so stoked for the both of us and think we can move mountains together.

Testimonial By Scott B. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Testimonial By Martie Pineda Ho Chi Minh City / Washington DC www.martiepineda.com


I was lead to Karin so she could help me hone myself and my business so I can be successful at what I love to do-inspire and empower! I had been floundering with my what's next! I knew the kind of lifestyle I wanted, and I had started to lay the foundation for it. The huge piece that was missing was the strategy to put all the pieces together and make it go! We did an exercise and within 1 hour she helped me create my inspiration statement!! It was probably the most powerful hour of my life as far as defining myself!! Karin is a very powerful and extremely gifted coach and at the same she is very empathic and intuitive. It's so awesome to be appreciated and understood so completely!! I love Karin as a friend and coach!


I want to sincerely thank you for all the time we’ve spent together this year, it’s been really excellent working with you. It’s certainly been more excellent for me than what I’ve made you aware of; generally I hang up from our conversations and feel electrified and ready to take action — that’s huge. You’ve lifted me to a place where I’m finally allowing myself to really believe in me and the abilities that I have. My certainty that you’re the one I’m supposed to be with and work with as I continue to make it “big” and make a bigger impact in the world is as clear as it was when we started having these conversations months ago. I have top respect for you.

Testimonial By Tony Esteves Inspirational Facilitator Toronto, Canada www.iontheball.ca

Testimonial By Anne Marie Sebastiani Educational Coach and Speaker www.imagination.am


I feel incredibly lucky to be working with Karin for my business and life! What makes Karin unique is she has the perfect combination of business savvy and psychological mindset that allows me to step up and really live into my purpose for my work- which is to help change the consciousness of what's possible in schools and education. What initially attracted me to Karin was her incredible history and life experience that she has created for herself. Why I love working with her now is because she really believes in me and my potential- this is priceless and gives me the business framework and structure needed to make my dreams a reality. Karin Roest Rules!  

Forget About Trashy Celebrities and Reality TV Stars That Ruin the Word “Fame” For All of Us. That is Not You. Your Purpose is Bigger Than That!


This is about taking control of your financial independence and attaining true freedom, with all the cash, free time, and knowledge to make a real difference once and for all. Karin is one of a kind. Her background story and strong will to make the difference is very appealing and mind blowing. Having had the chance to catch up with her weekly and receiving her guidance during her coaching sessions have made me aware of so many more opportunities in life that are worth to explore. Karin is the perfect consultant, as a friend and in business, to assist wherever she can. Her positive attitude and her skills to listen with real interest has helped me move forward on the path I have chosen to fulfill.

Testimonial By Marc Lankreijer Amsterdam, Netherlands www.amsterdammusicsociety.com

Testimonial By Ben Gibson Portland, Oregon


Karin consistently brings new tools and ideas to our sessions that are tailored to bring me from where I am toward my current goals. She helps keep me laser-focused, gently and firmly pushes me forward and empowers me to move as quickly as I want to move. I always feel supported, and I feel that she has a genuine, heartfelt interest in my progress as an individual and as a business.  

You Are Capable of Doing More. You’re Worth More Than the Roles, Titles, and Labels That Society Gives You.


I met Karin during a time in my life when I really didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in with my life. Not only was I unsure of what I wanted to do for a living, or which relationships I wanted to keep close, I was unsure of myself all together. Karin really helped me in finding my purpose and discovering some life long goals. She helped me piece together what it was that was truly important to me and then coached me how to tackle it head on. She taught me how to deal with situations that in my eyes were detrimental at the time, but showed me that in the big scheme of things, these were very small issues that were not in my control. It was by far, one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and was worth every bit of hard work! Thank you for everything Karin!!!  

Testimonial By Amy Fox Georgia, Atlanta

Testimonial By Marleen Laschet Laschet Kommunikasjon www.laschet.no


After a long corporate career, I decided to make the jump and start my own business. I couldn’t be happier. I could have more clients, though. And then I stumbled … across Karin. I’ll admit I was reluctant to begin with. I had no doubts about Karin’s competence, and I was open for some form of business coaching. My reluctance was rooted in my European background – would it be wise to hook up with an American business coach? Since she managed to convince me to sign up, I was confident that she would be able to help me convince my potential clients to seek my help. It turns out to be exactly right for me. Karin keeps an eye on me and doesn’t let me off the hook when I haven’t been doing my homework, and she gently yet firmly pushes me forward. But most importantly, the weekly calls and the discussions and feedback I get from Karin make me comfortable with American rhetoric. Some phrases and words still don’t come naturally, but I know Karin will keep challenging me to use them anyhow, and that does me good. So the jump was the right one to make, the stumble turned out to keep me upright, and the way forward is an exciting adventure full of surprises and unexpected turns, and I walk confidently, since I know that Karin will hold my hand when it gets spooky.

I can promise you that it is not just another cookie cutter program and essentially adjust and customizes itself to your specific needs. The biggest roadblock I was experiencing was clarity of my own image before I entered the academy. By working through the processes I have learned that there is clarity in vulnerability and the ability to pivot in your life, work, and vision. I found the personal touches and ability to interact within the learning platform a huge advantage. And the coolest thing is that I recently locked in a 5-digit deal with a company based on the clarity gained in the Academy!

Testimonial By Luis M. Rivera Jr. MS. Behavioral coach

Testimonial By Nylda Dieppa Transformational Speaker and Coach

I have discovered that Karin really has my best interests in her heart and really focuses on my individual situation. She is always encouraging and challenging while understanding when the unexpected throws me a curve and I have to go to plan B or C. Her coaching never feels overwhelming or "canned." Before joining the academy I was overwhelmed with all the things I was learning about starting a new transformational speaker and coaching business. Now, I feel a lot more confident to talk about my business plans with strangers and to develop collaborative relationships wherever I go. Every day I love and are more committed to my work than ever before. I can see a clear path to achieve my goals!

I finally started executing on my mission. It was already ‘in the plans,’ however, the Academy helped me with the kick in the butt I needed. It helped me take the time to sit down, write things down, obtain clarity on some helpful factors, and allowed me to shift into the mindset of “execute!” I also really enjoyed meeting wonderful, powerful, amazing like-minded individuals, and continuing the connections beyond the course! I’m excited, happy, rejuvenated, positively confident and hopeful!

Testimonial By Jung Park DJ, Lifecoach, Marketing consultant

Testimonial By David Hipsham Entrepreneur and Business Owner Coach

What I like most about the Purposely Famous Academy is Karin’s care and ability to hold everyone and teach so much - and also, the incredible international group of people that are members. I am in a place of more peace and flow now, and yet expanded to more possibilities and more success!

“Following Karin’s system, I did the research on my Tribe that she wanted me to do...and that helped me close a new client at $8,000 this week! Thanks for ALL you do, I really needed this course and YOU in my life at this exact moment.”  

Testimonial By Christine M.

Testimonial By Alisa DeHaan Non-Profit – www.voiceforvylit.org

Before joining Purposely Famous Academy, I had hit a brick wall with my nonprofit organization. I was not sure how to go about fundraising or how to properly interact with the other board members on certain topics. Karin gave me so much clarification on questions I didn't even know that I had! It was like she lifted the fog that surrounded me and she wholeheartedly supported me and the organization and took the time to ask certain questions, to dig deep to really get to the middle of problem, not just surface answers so she could give direction and really great tips! The organization is becoming more rounded and focused, together, as a board. Also, fundraising has become more successful!

Click here to join us every Monday @ 2 pm EST for a Free Live Business Training

“Thank you for the support of the group and all of your guidance and encouragement Karin! This has all been an integral part in me stepping up my game. If I wasn’t in this group, I don’t think I would have ever increased my prices by 1K to my super loyal cohort (no way!!) and I might have still been twiddling my thumbs about a group program. So much love to you! xo”

Testimonial By Laura, R

Testimonial By Kerrie J. Ontario, Canada

"It only took a few months for me to nail down a $20,000 month! That used to be what I earned in a year. I put on my first Instagram challenge and started offering mini sessions while undergoing this course. I never knew how to do that before, and learning through the course is so much more inspiring and effective than trying to do it alone."

"I always had a feeling that what was standing in my own way was my own lack of belief in myself. Karin's has offered me deep healing AND highly effective business sense. I am now earning my worth and couldn't be happier."  

Testimonial By Lynzy R. Illinois, USA

Testimonial By Leandra M Louisiana, USA

"Karin told me “I am my course” so I followed her advice to go out and start as I am and with what I already know, no frills or fuss. Now I’ve been able to pay off my bills, spend more time with my kids, and finally help the women out there that I’ve been wanting to help!”

"I earned $10,000 in new coaching clients which gave me enough time to focus on writing my book. Not only did Karin kick my butt into gear and hold me accountable for my presence and participation in the course and in LIFE, but she helped me start putting myself out there more, and she made it fun. My mailing list grew by 40% with no paid advertising."  

Testimonial By Michelle J. Maryland, USA

Testimonial By Darryl J. California, USA

"I made $4,000 in one week and entered a new level of optimism. I still can’t believe it but I've been able to double my income in a matter of months since hiring Karin!"  

“I don’t know where to start… THANK YOU. I had bought course after course, worked with coach after coach, but nothing stuck until I met you. Thank you for being there to support me and get the RIGHT information on how to build a business. Thank you for helping me overcome my own fears and take ACTION like I’ve never done before. Working with you has pushed me to higher levels - I did not know I could do this.”  

Testimonial By Rebecca N. NYC, USA

Testimonial By Adrienne B. Texas, USA

"I'm debt free and building my Thought Leadership empire! Karin has helped me increase my visibility by 300% in just a few weeks. I also have a better marketing plan and booked 4 discovery sessions in one day! Thank you, Karin!"

"I'm a complete newbie at this. It's been thrilling to develop my own signature brand and start seeing clients come to me. As you say, no more chasing! Before I started working with Karin, I was feeling lost and like an amateur. While working with Karin, I signed three new high-paying clients, started my mastermind group, and bumped up my day rate from $2,000 per day to $8,000 per day within the first 3-weeks of joining Karin’s course. I have more confidence than ever before, all thanks to Karin!"  

Testimonial By Julia D. The Hague, Netherlands

Testimonial By Ali M. Dubai, UAE

"I thought I was crazy thinking that my ideas could sell - but after implementing the PFA system to make me realize that it's not only possible for me, but it's incredibly realistic. Working with Karin has been a breeze - she challenges you - but you will emerge with a greater business sense ... and fearless."  

"I have had to beat my own demons and come to realize my worth, and what I have to offer others. Karin has helped me realize that people will pay you for your wisdom and something meaningful. I'm now so thrilled to get to work offering good to this world."  

Testimonial By David R. Mexico City, Mexico

Testimonial By Sayid S. Paris, France

"Worth every penny. I have more time and money following the implementation of what I learned in this course than I ever did at my corporate gig. $80,000 in my first month. The best thing is the systematic approach that Karin teaches you."  

"Finally, what I've been looking for. Seeing my ideas put into action and monetizing them has been thrilling and motivating to say the least."  

Testimonial By Tamar P New York, USA

Testimonial By Yadira G Tulum, Mexico

“Working with you and the PFA system has changed my life.. Never before have I felt so connected to and proud of what I bring to the world. I knew how to make money, but you’ve helped me do it in a meaningful way. Knowing that I can help others while living in Tulum (my bucket dream!) has made me feel more purposeful and whole than ever.”  

“Thank you for letting me be part of this community! It has helped me get ‘unstuck’ as Karin “sees” me in a way that no one else has done before and knows how to help me build a strong foundation for my business. Knowing that I have access to this amazing online platform and all this knowledge, but most importantly, this talented group of people all working hard on realizing their dreams. I love that this is a community where EVERYONE is valued equally, not just one person over another.”  

Testimonial By Martin H Berlin, Germany

Testimonial By Gerard L, Boise, Idaho, USA

"I have to be honest... Karin will want you to do the work. But if you show up, and I am happy that I did, it WILL pay off. Karin has given me the courage to finally start my own business and taught me how to ROCK it. I feel more connected to my purpose than ever before. Enrolling in the Academy has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."  

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